& Mises Italia: parte la collaborazione

Annunciamo con piacere l’inizio di una collaborazione tra la città libertaria ed il Mises Italia, al fine di promuovere i loro contenuti anche tra il pubblico italiano. Sul sito di quella è già attivo un nostro blog dedicato alla riproposizione in lingua italiana dei suoi contenuti chiave, aggiornato mensilmente con nuove traduzioni.

Scopo primario di questa collaborazione è per noi il fornire ai nostri soci un accesso alla ricchissima biblioteca digitale del portale il progetto guidato da Jeffrey Tucker si è infatti distinto per un’originalità dei contenliberty.meuti che siamo certi i nostri lettori apprezzeranno. A fianco dei testi classici di teoria economica troviamo infatti anche un’ampia serie di guide specifiche su temi pratici ed attuali, sempre argomentati in chiave di economia austriaca e filosofia libertaria: chi volesse accostarsi ai nostri ideali tamite un approccio più concreto potrà trovare in esse un valido punto di partenza.

Di seguito, una lista dei titoli digitali che già da oggi i soci Bastiat ed i soci Rothbard del Mises Italia potranno richiedere mensilmente come parte dei propri benefici. La lista completa degli e-book e Laissez-Faire Books scaricabili è comunque sempre disponibile presso questa pagina.


1. Books

J.D. Acton – Lord Acton’s History of Freedom
F. Ballvé – Essential of Economics
H.E. Barnes – Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace
F. Bastiat – Economic Harmonies
F. Bastiat – Economic Sophisms
F. Bastiat – Selected Essays on Political Economy
F. Bastiat – The Law
L. Baudin – A Socialist Empire: The Incas of Peru
E. de La Boétie – The Politics of Obedience
R. Bourne – War is the Wealth of the State
E. Braun – Finance Behind the Veil of Money
G. Callahan – Economics for Real People
R. Chantillon – An Essay on Economic Theory
G. Chartier – Conscience of an Anarchist
F. Chodorov – Income Tax: Root of all Evil
F. Chodorov – Out of Step
F. Chodorov – The Rise and Fall of Society
J. Cox – Minimum Wage, Maximum Damage
J. Cox – The Concise Guide to Economics
C. Darrow – Resist Not Evil
M. DiBaggio – House of Refuge
L. Erhard – Prosperity through Competition
J.T. Flynn – As We Go Marching
J.T. Flynn – Men of Wealth
J.T. Flynn – While You Slept
D. French – The Failure of Common Knowledge
D. French – Walk Away
G. Galles – Faulty Premises, Faulty Policies
G. Garrett – A Bubble that Broke the World
G. Garrett – Harangue
G. Garrett – Satan’s Bushel
G. Garrett – The Cinder Buggy: a Fable in Iron and Steel
G. Garrett – The Driver
A. Gray – The Socialist Tradition: Moses to Lenin
L.A. Hahn – Economics of Illusion
F.A. Harper – The Writings of F.A. Harper – vol.1
F.A. Harper – The Writings of F.A. Harper – vol.2
H.J. Haskell – The New Deal in Old Rome
F.A. Hayek – A Tiger by the Tail
F.A. Hayek – Denationalization of Money
F.A. Hayek – Prices and Production
H. Hazlitt – Time Will Run Back
H. Hazlitt – The Foundations of Morality
H. Hazlitt – The Way to Willpower
H. Hazlitt – Thinking as a Science
A. Herbert – The Voluntaryst Creed
K. Hess – Death of Politics
H.H. Hoppe – A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism
A. Kinsella – Against Intellectual Property
R.W. Lane – Give Me Liberty
R.W. Lane – The Discovery of Freedom
R.W. Lane – Young Pioneers
A.L. Macfie – Theories of the Trade Cycle
O.S. Marden – How They Succeeded
O.S. Marden – The Joys of Living
W. McElroy – The Art of Being Free
C. Menger – Principles of Economics
L. von Mises – Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth
L. von Mises – Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow
L. von Mises – Human Action
L. von Mises – Liberalism
L. von Mises – Nation, State and Economy
L. von Mises – Socialism
L. von Mises – Theory and History
L. von Mises – Theory of Money and Credit
G. de Molinari – The Production of Security
I. Morehouse – Better off Free
R.P. Murphy – Chaos Theory
A.J. Nock – Jefferson
A.J. Nock – Memoirs of a Superflous Man
A.J. Nock – Our Enemy, the State
A.J. Nock – The Theory of Education in the United States
F. Oppenheimer – The State
T. Paine – Common Sense
I. Paterson – Never Ask the End
I. Paterson – The God of the Machine
I. Paterson – The Shadow Riders
S. Patterson – What’s the Big Deal About Bitcoin?
C.A. Phillips – Banking and the Business Cycle
P.E. de Puydt – Panarchy
A. Rand – Anthem
L.E. Read – Anything That’s Peaceful
L.E. Read – I, Pencil
G. Reisman – Piketty’s Capital
E. Richter – Pictures of the Socialistic Future
L. Robbins – The Economic Basis of Class Conflict
M.N. Rothbard – America’s Great Depression
M.N. Rothbard – Anatomy of the State
M.N. Rothbard – Education: Free and Compulsory
M.N. Rothbard – For a New Liberty
M.N. Rothbard – Freedom, Inequality, Primitivism and the Division of Labor
M.N. Rothbard – What Has Government Done to Our Money
M. Sennholz – Leonard Read: Philosopher of Liberty
L. Spooner – No Treason
L. Spooner – Trial by Jury
W.G. Sumner – A History of American Currency
W.G. Sumner – What the Social Classes Owe Each Other
M.&L. Tannehill – The Market for Liberty
H.D. Thoreau – Here There is no State
B.R. Tucker – Instead of a Book
J.A. Tucker – 25 Life-Changing Classics
J.A. Tucker – A Beautiful Anarchy
J.A. Tucker – Bit by Bit
J.A. Tucker – Bourbon for Breakfast
J.A. Tucker – It’s a Jetsons World
J.A. Tucker – Freedom is a Do-It-Yourself Project
M. Villeneuve – The Third Way
C. Watner – The Essential Voluntaryist
H.G. Weaver – The Mainspring of Human Progress
E. Zamiatin – We

2. Liberty Guides

J. Arman – A Guide for Liberty-Loving Parents
C. Belt – Building a Business Under Leviathan: Nevada
M. Borders – Voice and Exit Manifesto
G. Brooks – Defend Liberty in the Church
H. Cesare – How to Get Free Household Essential
D. Clark – Building an Armory from Scratch
D. Clark – How to Buy Your First Handgun
J. Desyllas – Negotiate for Mutual Profit
J.S. Diedrich – Sell Liberty Like Don Draper
D.E. French – Peer-to-Peer Lending
W.N. Grigg – Alternatives to the Police State
J. Hanners – How to Deal With the Police
J. Hunt – Surviving Obamacare
S. Kinsella – Do Business Without Intellectual Property
V. Malherbe – How to Buy, Sell & Store Precious Metals
T. Mayer – Reclaim Your Privacy
W. McElroy – How to Be an Individual Anarchist
W. McElroy – The Art of Argumentation
W. McElroy – The Liberty Prepping Mindset
I. Morehouse – Rethinking Higher Education
R. Murphy – How to Be an Independent Intellectual
S. Patterson – Up and Running with Bitcoin
S. Pierre – Free State Project Guide
T. Swanson – Internationalize: Teach English in East Asia
J.A. Tucker – Dress Like a Man
J.A. Tucker – Free Your Laundry From Government Mandated Filth
J.A. Tucker – Hack Your House
J.A. Tucker – Prepare for Life Without the State
J.A. Tucker – Talking Liberty
J.A. Tucker – Young & Unemployed: What to Do

3. Member Books

J. Brown – State of Terror
S.J. Collins – Everything Voluntary
R. England – Free is Beautiful
A. Kokesh – Freedom!
T. Patron – The Bitcoin Revolution
L.W. Reed – Great Myths of the Great Depression
D. Romney – Rule of Law
J. Siegel – Libertarian Treehugger
W. Trabex – How to Write Fiction

4. Other Books

(NOTA: diversi titoli qui elencati sono anche disponibili in forma gratuita presso altri portali, quali ad esempio il
W. Block – Defending the Undefendable
L.E. Carabini – Inclined to Liberty
P. Champagne – The Book of Satoshi
J.B. Clark – Essentials of Economic Theory
P. Eltzbacher – Anarchism
H. Hazlitt – Economics in One Lesson
H.H. Hoppe – The Economics and Ethics of Private Property
J.G. Hülsmann – Mises: the Last Knight of Liberalism
S.E. Konkin III – An Agorist Primer
S.E. Konkin III – New Libertarian Manifesto
J.J. Martin – Men Against the State
L. von Mises – Planned Chaos
S. Molyneux – Everyday Anarchy
S. Molyneux Practical Anarchy
S. Molyneux – Universally Preferable Behaviour
T. Paine – Rights of Man
T. Paine – The Writings of Thomas Paine
R. Paul – A Foreign Policy of Freedom
R. Paul – Freedom Under Siege
R. Paul – Mises and Austrian Economics
R. Paul – Pursue the Cause of Liberty
P.J. Proudhon- What is Property?
G. Reimann – The Vampire Economy: Doing Business Under Fascism
R. Rocker – Anarcho-Syndicalism
R. Rocker – Pioneers of American Freedom
M.N. Rothbard – An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought
M.N. Rothbard – Conceived in Liberty
M.N. Rothbard – History of Money and Banking in the United States: the Colonial Era to World War II
M.N. Rothbard – Man, Economy and State, with Power and Market
M.N. Rothbard – The Origins of the Federal Reserve
B. Shaffer – A Libertarian Critique of Intellectual Property
B. Shaffer – Boundaries of Order
B. Shaffer – In Restraint of Trade
B. Shaffer – The Wizards of Ozymandias
H. Spencer – The Man Versus the State
L. Spooner – A Defence for Fugitive Slaves
L. Spooner – The Unconstitutionality of Slavery
L. Spooner – Vices are not Crimes
C.T. Sprading – Liberty and the Great Libertarians
C.C. Tansill – Back Door to War: the Roosevelt Foreign Policy 1933-1941
B.R. Tucker – Liberty – vol.1
Voltaire – Toleration and Other Essays
VV. AA. – SFL/LFA Short Fiction Contest Collection
A.D. White – Fiat Money Inflation in France
E.B. White, W. Strunk Jr. – The Elements of Style
E.V. Zenker – Anarchism: a Criticism and History of the Anarchist Theory