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1. Books
J.D. Acton – Lord Acton’s History of Freedom
F. Ballvé – Essential of Economics
H.E. Barnes – Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace
F. Bastiat – Economic Harmonies
F. Bastiat – Economic Sophisms
F. Bastiat – Selected Essays on Political Economy
F. Bastiat – The Law
L. Baudin – A Socialist Empire: The Incas of Peru
E. de La Boétie – The Politics of Obedience
R. Bourne – War is the Wealth of the State
E. Braun – Finance Behind the Veil of Money
G. Callahan – Economics for Real People
R. Chantillon – An Essay on Economic Theory
G. Chartier – Conscience of an Anarchist
F. Chodorov – Income Tax: Root of all Evil
F. Chodorov – Out of Step
F. Chodorov – The Rise and Fall of Society
J. Cox – Minimum Wage, Maximum Damage
J. Cox – The Concise Guide to Economics
C. Darrow – Resist Not Evil
M. DiBaggio – House of Refuge
L. Erhard – Prosperity through Competition
J.T. Flynn – As We Go Marching
J.T. Flynn – Men of Wealth
J.T. Flynn – While You Slept
D. French – The Failure of Common Knowledge
D. French – Walk Away
G. Galles – Faulty Premises, Faulty Policies
G. Garrett – A Bubble that Broke the World
G. Garrett – Harangue
G. Garrett – Satan’s Bushel
G. Garrett – The Cinder Buggy: a Fable in Iron and Steel
G. Garrett – The Driver
A. Gray – The Socialist Tradition: Moses to Lenin
L.A. Hahn – Economics of Illusion
F.A. Harper – The Writings of F.A. Harper – vol.1
F.A. Harper – The Writings of F.A. Harper – vol.2
H.J. Haskell – The New Deal in Old Rome
F.A. Hayek – A Tiger by the Tail
F.A. Hayek – Denationalization of Money
F.A. Hayek – Prices and Production
H. Hazlitt – Time Will Run Back
H. Hazlitt – The Foundations of Morality
H. Hazlitt – The Way to Willpower
H. Hazlitt – Thinking as a Science
A. Herbert – The Voluntaryst Creed
K. Hess – Death of Politics
H.H. Hoppe – A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism
A. Kinsella – Against Intellectual Property
R.W. Lane – Give Me Liberty
R.W. Lane – The Discovery of Freedom
R.W. Lane – Young Pioneers
A.L. Macfie – Theories of the Trade Cycle
O.S. Marden – How They Succeeded
O.S. Marden – The Joys of Living
W. McElroy – The Art of Being Free
C. Menger – Principles of Economics
L. von Mises – Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth
L. von Mises – Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow
L. von Mises – Human Action
L. von Mises – Liberalism
L. von Mises – Nation, State and Economy
L. von Mises – Socialism
L. von Mises – Theory and History
L. von Mises – Theory of Money and Credit
G. de Molinari – The Production of Security
I. Morehouse – Better off Free
R.P. Murphy – Chaos Theory
A.J. Nock – Jefferson
A.J. Nock – Memoirs of a Superflous Man
A.J. Nock – Our Enemy, the State
A.J. Nock – The Theory of Education in the United States
F. Oppenheimer – The State
T. Paine – Common Sense
I. Paterson – Never Ask the End
I. Paterson – The God of the Machine
I. Paterson – The Shadow Riders
S. Patterson – What’s the Big Deal About Bitcoin?
C.A. Phillips – Banking and the Business Cycle
P.E. de Puydt – Panarchy
A. Rand – Anthem
L.E. Read – Anything That’s Peaceful
L.E. Read – I, Pencil
G. Reisman – Piketty’s Capital
E. Richter – Pictures of the Socialistic Future
L. Robbins – The Economic Basis of Class Conflict
M.N. Rothbard – America’s Great Depression
M.N. Rothbard – Anatomy of the State
M.N. Rothbard – Education: Free and Compulsory
M.N. Rothbard – For a New Liberty
M.N. Rothbard – Freedom, Inequality, Primitivism and the Division of Labor
M.N. Rothbard – What Has Government Done to Our Money
M. Sennholz – Leonard Read: Philosopher of Liberty
L. Spooner – No Treason
L. Spooner – Trial by Jury
W.G. Sumner – A History of American Currency
W.G. Sumner – What the Social Classes Owe Each Other
M.&L. Tannehill – The Market for Liberty
H.D. Thoreau – Here There is no State
B.R. Tucker – Instead of a Book
J.A. Tucker – 25 Life-Changing Classics
J.A. Tucker – A Beautiful Anarchy
J.A. Tucker – Bit by Bit
J.A. Tucker – Bourbon for Breakfast
J.A. Tucker – It’s a Jetsons World
J.A. Tucker – Freedom is a Do-It-Yourself Project
M. Villeneuve – The Third Way
C. Watner – The Essential Voluntaryist
H.G. Weaver – The Mainspring of Human Progress
E. Zamiatin – We
2. Liberty Guides
J. Arman – A Guide for Liberty-Loving Parents
C. Belt – Building a Business Under Leviathan: Nevada
M. Borders – Voice and Exit Manifesto
G. Brooks – Defend Liberty in the Church
H. Cesare – How to Get Free Household Essential
D. Clark – Building an Armory from Scratch
D. Clark – How to Buy Your First Handgun
J. Desyllas – Negotiate for Mutual Profit
J.S. Diedrich – Sell Liberty Like Don Draper
D.E. French – Peer-to-Peer Lending
W.N. Grigg – Alternatives to the Police State
J. Hanners – How to Deal With the Police
J. Hunt – Surviving Obamacare
S. Kinsella – Do Business Without Intellectual Property
V. Malherbe – How to Buy, Sell & Store Precious Metals
T. Mayer – Reclaim Your Privacy
W. McElroy – How to Be an Individual Anarchist
W. McElroy – The Art of Argumentation
W. McElroy – The Liberty Prepping Mindset
I. Morehouse – Rethinking Higher Education
R. Murphy – How to Be an Independent Intellectual
S. Patterson – Up and Running with Bitcoin
S. Pierre – Free State Project Guide
T. Swanson – Internationalize: Teach English in East Asia
J.A. Tucker – Dress Like a Man
J.A. Tucker – Free Your Laundry From Government Mandated Filth
J.A. Tucker – Hack Your House
J.A. Tucker – Prepare for Life Without the State
J.A. Tucker – Talking Liberty
J.A. Tucker – Young & Unemployed: What to Do
3. Member Books
J. Brown – State of Terror
S.J. Collins – Everything Voluntary
R. England – Free is Beautiful
A. Kokesh – Freedom!
T. Patron – The Bitcoin Revolution
L.W. Reed – Great Myths of the Great Depression
D. Romney – Rule of Law
J. Siegel – Libertarian Treehugger
W. Trabex – How to Write Fiction
4. Other Books
(NOTA: diversi titoli qui elencati sono anche disponibili in forma gratuita presso altri portali, quali ad esempio il
W. Block – Defending the Undefendable
L.E. Carabini – Inclined to Liberty
P. Champagne – The Book of Satoshi
J.B. Clark – Essentials of Economic Theory
P. Eltzbacher – Anarchism
H. Hazlitt – Economics in One Lesson
H.H. Hoppe – The Economics and Ethics of Private Property
J.G. Hülsmann – Mises: the Last Knight of Liberalism
S.E. Konkin III – An Agorist Primer
S.E. Konkin III – New Libertarian Manifesto
J.J. Martin – Men Against the State
L. von Mises – Planned Chaos
S. Molyneux – Everyday Anarchy
S. Molyneux Practical Anarchy
S. Molyneux – Universally Preferable Behaviour
T. Paine – Rights of Man
T. Paine – The Writings of Thomas Paine
R. Paul – A Foreign Policy of Freedom
R. Paul – Freedom Under Siege
R. Paul – Mises and Austrian Economics
R. Paul – Pursue the Cause of Liberty
P.J. Proudhon- What is Property?
G. Reimann – The Vampire Economy: Doing Business Under Fascism
R. Rocker – Anarcho-Syndicalism
R. Rocker – Pioneers of American Freedom
M.N. Rothbard – An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought
M.N. Rothbard – Conceived in Liberty
M.N. Rothbard – History of Money and Banking in the United States: the Colonial Era to World War II
M.N. Rothbard – Man, Economy and State, with Power and Market
M.N. Rothbard – The Origins of the Federal Reserve
B. Shaffer – A Libertarian Critique of Intellectual Property
B. Shaffer – Boundaries of Order
B. Shaffer – In Restraint of Trade
B. Shaffer – The Wizards of Ozymandias
H. Spencer – The Man Versus the State
L. Spooner – A Defence for Fugitive Slaves
L. Spooner – The Unconstitutionality of Slavery
L. Spooner – Vices are not Crimes
C.T. Sprading – Liberty and the Great Libertarians
C.C. Tansill – Back Door to War: the Roosevelt Foreign Policy 1933-1941
B.R. Tucker – Liberty – vol.1
Voltaire – Toleration and Other Essays
VV. AA. – SFL/LFA Short Fiction Contest Collection
A.D. White – Fiat Money Inflation in France
E.B. White, W. Strunk Jr. – The Elements of Style
E.V. Zenker – Anarchism: a Criticism and History of the Anarchist Theory
J.D. Acton – Power Corrupts: Essays on Freedom and History
C. Adams – Tax-Haven Tales
B. Anderson – Economics & the Public Welfare
F. Bastiat – What is Seen and What is not Seen
L. Baudin – A Socialist Empire: the Incas
W. Bonner – The Idea of America
D. Casey – Totally Incorrect
D. Cloud – The Lily: Evolution, Play and the Power of a Free Society
Copernicus – Essay on Money
J. Cox – Bitcoin and Digital Currencies
R. Daughty – Economica Mogambo
B. de Jouvenel – On Power
B. de Jouvenel – The Ethics of Redistribution
A. de Tocqueville – Democracy in America (vol.1)
A. de Tocqueville – Democracy in America (vol.2)
J. Fallon – Lincoln Uncensored
J. Flynn – The Roosevelt Myth
D. French – Early Speculative Bubbles
G. Galles – Apostle of Peace: The Radical Mind of Leonard Read
G. Garrett – The Revolution Was
F.A. Hayek – Hayek’s Triangles: Two Essays on the Business Cycle
H. Hazlitt – The Critics of Keynesian Economics
H. Hazlitt – The Failure of the New Economics
H.H. Hoppe – The Great Fiction
H.H. Hoppe – What Must Be Done
J. Hornberger – Tyranny of Gun Control
J. Hunt – Higher Cause
F. Karsten – Beyond Democracy
R. Lehrman – The True Gold Standard
N. Lewis – Gold the Monetary Polaris
A. Macfie – Theories of the Trade Cycle
R. McKinney – Financial Bull Riding
H.L. Mencken – Three Early Works
C. Menger – On the Origin of Money
L. von Mises – A Critique of Interventionism
L. von Mises – Liberty & Property
L. von Mises – The Illusion of Wealth
A.J. Nock – Informed Common Sense
R. Paul – Ron Paul’s Farewell to Congress
R. Paul – The Case for Gold
C. Raguet – A Treatise on Currency & Banking
J.B. Say – A Treatise on Political Economy
M. Skousen – A Viennese Waltz
H. Spencer – State Tamperings with Money and Banks
L. Spooner – The Lysander Spooner Reader
W. Sumner – It Is not Wicked to Be Rich
F.W. Taussig – The Tariff History of the United States
H.D. Thoreau – On the Duty of civil Disobedience
H.D. Thoreau – Walden, or Life in the Woods
J. Tuccille – It Usually Begins with Ayn Rand
VV.AA. – A Man’s Right to Happiness
A. White – Fiat Money Inflation in France
P. Wicksteed – The Common Sense of Political Economy